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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Disclaimer

When I started writing this blog, I emailed the address to a bunch of friends. If I was going to say something, I might as well have an audience, right? (This is no different to me in real life - when I talk I expect the whole world to listen. If the world is not listening, I just talk louder until they have no choice but to listen or suffer inner ear damage.) Anyway so those friends told some friends about it, and then I told my parents about it...and then, ya know, it all kinda moves on from there. So the fact is, my Mom reads this blog, my neice reads this blog, my DH reads this blog, and probably others who know me pretty well (and some who don't) read this blog. What I'm saying is, people I love and adore read this blog. Potentially this could lead to problems.

What if I say something which offends someone? What if my family learn something about me they didn't previously know? What if someone gets upset that I fucking curse so much (shit, sorry about that)? Quite seriously, I could (by accident or completely on purpose) say something which lands my foot right in the middle of my mouth. Now it should be noted that I tend to do this ANYWAY, outside of blog land. I've mentioned several times previously that my tact filter is in the permanent OFF position. It's one of my BEST qualities, but also one of my WORST. So what, I can hear you asking, is the point of this post? I guess what I am trying to say is that I DO edit this blog, at least to the point of re-reading each post before I hit the 'publish' button. I try not to hurt anyone's feelings, say things people will find offensive, and basically try to be a decent human being while still being 100% truthful, funny, and worth reading.

However if I have somehow managed to hurt, annoy, offend, irritate or aggravate you in any way this far, then I have one very important piece of advice:

GET OVER IT. Life's too short.


Weinraub Family said...

LOL! I just came across your blog by accident, and have no clue who you are...but after reading some of your posts, I am beginning to think that you and my Dh are related.

my tact filter is in the permanent OFF position. It's one of my BEST qualities, but also one of my WORST.

That is how I would describe my hubby, between that, the list making and being a good little jewish kid, you 2 must be related somehow.

Thanks for the good reads!!

The Amazing Trips said...


emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Thanks "Weinraub Family" for visiting and reading, and for the lovely comments. :) Thanks also Jen for continuing to visit! :)


kkolt said...

Hey Girl - you are getting in early for Yom Kippur!