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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

I'm blaming the fact that I missed this event last week on time zones. Nobody can ever figure out the time difference between here and anywhere else, so it stands to reason that I might miss out on an important blogging event. Besides which, I've been a bit busy at the moment. So you'll forgive me that this post is technically 6 days late. According to my site stats, you people are all over the world...and since I don't know anyone currently living in Malaysia, here's your chance to say hello. De-lurk. Come out of the "I can't possibly leave a comment on emzee's blog!" rut and press the comment button.

Introduce yourself! I don't bite.

Ed's note: for what it's worth, I don't write this blog for comment purposes. In fact several times I've outright asked for commentary and haven't gotten it. I don't take it personally, especially since I rarely comment on other blogs myself. Still, it would be nice to know which if you is hiding in Dubai.


Christine said...


I'm not from anyplace exotic (Indiana, in the States), but I do read your blog regularly. I'm mom to almost 2-year-old triplet girls. Best of luck with the new cake business!


emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Hi Christine,

Thanks for commenting! Indiana counts as exotic to me because while I grew up in California, spent some time in Colorado, and visited the East, I never made it to the middle! Thanks for reading my blog - and congrats on your three beautiful girls. I promise you, it *does* get easier (...okay, maybe not easier, but definetly more interesting.)


the baker's wife said...

Ooh, I LIKE this! I can't wait to see who is out there, too. I'm a very guilty serial lurk-er...
I'm in sunny south FunkyTown. 'Funky', for short, but it's actually Frankston, to the locals. It's in Melbourne, Australia. And not particularly funky at all. I have grander aspirations.
Love ya blog.

Schmutzie said...

Thanks for joining in!

What's funny about this de-lurking thing we started is that, although my comments went up by over 100 times, my lurkers went up 200 times on de-lurking day.