I'm trying to keep my business, my triplets, and my waistline under control. I excel at one of those, fail at another one of those, and one is a work in progress. Which is which is day dependant.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Tallest Cake Yet

....90 cm/3 feet in height
....6 kilos (13.2 pounds) in red icing
....approx 12 kilos/26.4lbs in weight
....1 kilo/2.2 lbs cocoa powder
....2+ kilos/4.5+ lbs dark chocolate
....8 elephants
....more edible gold balls than I could count
....10 gold paisleys
....3 cans of gold spray paint
....2 trips to the hardware store
...1 metre/3'3" of wooden dowelling

....and one happy, gorgeous wedding couple.

....which is precisely why I love my job.


Weinraub Family said...

OMG, that cake is amazing, you are amazing. Great job!

BTW, happy late b-day!!

the baker's wife said...

That really is amazing. You have to put it on the 3S website, front page. Unless you never want to do it again, that is!

Brilliant. Glorious.