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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cupcake go Bye Bye

It's with a somewhat heavy heart that I report that Melbourne's most successful cupcake company, the Crabapple Cupcake Bakery, is now in receivership. According to the publication foodweek, the business is for sale - but according to ASIC, it's being liquidated. Honestly my first thought about this was how sad it is - the owner started her business from a kitchen table, not unlike myself. While I had heard a few things about their customer service lacking a bit, and this forum talks about their product being inconsistent, it's still sad to think of such an icon going under. For me it's particularly sad because I had always upheld it as an example of how one small idea can grow into something huge. (Clearly, though, it grew with a bunch of bad financial management...)

The only silver lining is that they've now got a bunch of unhappy customers who are looking for other people to fill those orders. There are plenty of cupcake bakers in Melbourne (some good, some bad, some eeehhh), I've already been on the receiving end of the deluge - I've got 800 cupcakes on order for this week alone!

So, bearing in mind that I've got loads of cupcakes to make (plus my usual cake orders this week), blogging might be light on for a few days.

(Although if I've not posted by next week, will someone check the icing bowl? I might have fallen in and nobody has noticed.)


the baker's wife said...

This is the most amazing and fantastic piece of gossip. But not gossip even, it's truth! Love it. Great sleuthing, emzee.

Weinraub Family said...

Sand day in baking, but what a kick ass day for your "bakery"!!!

You go girl!!

DH said...

Further investigation with the receivers has determined that the business has been sold and will shortly resume trading under new management. Don't know whether they will keep the name or not.