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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Apparently, I SHALL pee in the woods

So Mr I-Need-A-Halo has been sticking to his plan and behaving like a perfect angel.


When I told my sister that I was going camping, she only stopped laughing long enough to say, "You've got to write a book about it!" When I said that she was perhaps more of a princess than I, she just laughed harder and said, "Well, *I* can't write a book about it because there is no way in hell I would go camping in the first place." Awesome... so I can clearly count on her support, right? The good news is that next week's Mums and Cubs great adventure has been postponed to late April. Next week it's just the kids on their own, and they get to sleep in tents. Apparently in order to make the Mums more ... comfortable... THAT camp will involve dormitories rather than tents.

This does not make me feel better. Dorms involve things like bunk beds. I do not 'do' bunk beds.

However, I am heartened by the fact that DS seems to have finally gotten his act together (at least as much as I can expect him to) and my original plan worked. A little too well, but it still worked.

Therefore, come late April, I will be the MOST AWESOME mother ever to sleep in a dormitory...because, you know, they're so comfy and all.


Laura said...

You are awesome for this, and he knows it.

Make sure to pack your own toilet paper.

Poppets mum said...

The good thing about the trip being put off is that you now have DS over a barrell until April (so there is still a chance you won't have to go). Take heart in that!!!

Janet A. said...

Sorry, but I simply disagree with your Commandment Number One: YOU SHALL SUFFER.

It should infact read: YOU SHALL TORTURE! Just ask my daughter.

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Janet - Hilarious, I love it. Except in this particular case, it's "You shall BE tortured!"

The good news is that DS is, as we speak, rolling in mud with his friends somewhere in country Victoria. The even better news is that he didn't need to use his two "get out of jail free" cards and so was able to get the 'no claim bonus' of doubling his allowance this week. Both he and I couldn't stop grinning at one another at camp drop off. I'm enormously proud of my boy, and in some sort of crazy alternative-universe world sort of way, actually looking forward to peeing in the woods. Wish me luck.