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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thwacka Thwacka Thwacka

Helicopter Mum Alert!

School has been in session exactly ONE day and already I have experienced the newest of the Helicopter Mums, who apparently are becoming a series of them on this blog.

The kids each got assigned a buddy - a kid in their class who is meant to show them the ropes as it were, because the buddy kids are not new to the school whereas my kids are. In both DS and DD2's case, the respective Mums called over the summer to introduce themselves and their kids. In DD1's case, no call came but I figured it was just because they were busy or away or whatever. Eventually I knew said buddy would reveal themselves, so I didn't worry about it.

On Sunday afternoon the phone rings, and voila! - it's DD1's buddy, asking to speak to DD1. So they have a short chat, and I asked DD1 what happened.

"So she talked a bit but not much and I just said uh-huh and then we hung up. She seems nice."

I did not give this one more thought (because there was nothing unusual about it) ...until about a hour later, when the phone rings, and it's the buddy's Mum.

She was calling to tell me that she did not like her daughter's tone of voice on the phone, and that she resented the implication (that her dd's tone of voice made) that they were just 'too busy' to contact us. The fact is, emzee, the fact is - they were overseas and therefore could not contact us, it was NOT that they were too busy. She could not BELIEVE her DD's tone of voice and what it implied and gave her a stern lecture after she hung up about the way she spoke to my DD.

Here's the thing. We don't really give a shit. But, hey, thanks for calling.

And also? Your DD spoke to my DD who is vaguely autistic-esque and doesn't really "get" most tones of voice anyway, so we double didn't give a shit. But, hey, thanks for calling. Again. Because I really have time for that kind of bullshit in my life. I really do.

This woman carried on for a few minutes about it all, and I totally understand that she felt bad about not getting in touch over the summer. So I was all nice about it and told her that I totally understood and that I'm sure the girls would get to know one another soon enough. I also said that as far as I was concerned, her DD was very polite and friendly on the phone (which she was when I spoke to her.) I complimented her kid on being polite and friendly..and Helicopter Mum said, "Yes, of course she was, I COACHED HER through the whole conversation. She's not had to have that sort of conversation before."

*insert sound of jaw dropping to floor and potential friendship going up in flames*

WHAT THE....?? You coached her? Not had a conversation with a same-age child before? Are you for real, lady?

Sorry lady, but any option for friendship between you and I just died in the ass right then and there. I don't do Helicopter Mums, sorry - and nobody coached me to say that.

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