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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Dinner

The money is in the bank thank goodness - but the time to get groceries didn't happen so tonight was (and of course, you are all dying to know about my eating habits, right?) another case of hunting around empty shelves to make dinner. I'm beginning to see this as less of a burden and more of a challenge.

I made this Israeli thing I grew up eating, but for the life of me of course now I can't remember the name of it (it's Shakshouka, thanks Shaina!). In any case I fried up an onion in some olive oil, chucked in a tin of canned tomatoes, reduced it down, then threw in a dozen eggs whisked with salt and pepper. Just for fun I also threw in the decidedly dodgy bit of kabana we had around the place. Cooked it until yummy and served it over toasted English muffins. Gourmet? Totally not. Yummy, filling, and just right for a make-in-minutes Autumnal dinner for hungry three and me? Too damn right.

...and then, just to prove my genius here, I managed to make egg salad for tomorrow's dinner, cook some potatoes (also as part of tomorrow's dinner), and then make an apple and walnut cake (for which I had all the ingredients except sugar, but I managed to overcome that by raiding the guests' sugar and creamer set at the back of the sideboard.) I managed all of that without going to the supermarket (although to be fair, we get milk and eggs delivered so that's a bit of a cheat.)

You know, I think I'm just going to give up on the whole supermarket shopping thing. At this rate I'll be making dinner out of nothing for weeks! (and hell, it'll help with the weight loss, right?)

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shaina said...

Are you thinking of shakshouka? I think that is what you made.