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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Almost Elevenses* and I Need A Drink

It's T-minus two weeks until I write my favorite blog post of all, the kids' birthday post.  That post takes me quite a while to write, in so far as I spent a fair amount of thinking time considering what I'd like to say and how I'd like to say it. In my mind I replay the events of the past year, and I carefully consider which elements of our lives and our kids I'd like to air publicly. I'll also come up with a couple of key phrases or concepts I'd like to include. Then I sit down to write that post, and I forget entirely all the really clever phrases I'd come up with, I can't find the digital photos I really wanted to use, and I just blurt out whatever is in my head. I also use whatever photos I can find stored on whatever computer I happen to be using at the time. What you end up with is an unedited version of triplet parenting as I see it.  What I end up with is usually a whole lot of tears, because I'm one of those ridiculously sappy people (although to meet me in real life, you wouldn't actually believe that.) I literally spend the entire writing of that blog post trying in vain to see what the screen says, because my sight is all blurry from the crying and carrying on. I'm just so damn proud of them, and so grateful they are in my life, that the background violins begin to play and I'm off on another crying jag before I've even finished a sentence.

I then of course engage in self torture, because it's one of the few posts which I will edit, so I re-read and then I cry again. Then I hit the 'publish' button and I read and re-read it over the next few days or weeks and so I cry some more. It's actually a little bit ridiculous. I've got a habit of linking to the other birthday posts at the start of each one, which of course makes me need to go and read those as well..and I don't need to tell you the outcome there.

In short the entire birthday post thing is an excuse for me to sit and cry like a complete crazy lady. Happy tears, but tears nonetheless. I do it because the sole purpose of this blog was to chronicle my life and their lives, and to miss out on the major milestones would somehow be a little...mean...of me, wouldn't it?

So it's that time of year again, and already I am gathering pictures and words in preparation for the Great Birthday Blog Post of 2012.(Although I'm not sure why I bother to prepare when I chuck it all out of the window anyway...) Stay Tuned (and send tissues.)

*Elevenses - in other words, they are nearly eleven. I wrote the first birthday post when they were five, so after  6 times doing this, you'd think I'd be used to it, wouldn't you?


The Amazing Trips said...

Eleven? ELEVEN? They're already eleven??!

I don't think you (nor I for that matter) will ever get used to it. My mother called me last week, on the night of my 41st birthday, and she was in tears. "41 years ago tonight, I was in labor..."

Then I started to cry. Because she was crying. And LIFE. It's really so wonderfully precious. Which is why we must do our best to enjoy every moment and celebrate every birthday which is a reflection of the year gone past - and, hopefully, positive anticipation of the year ahead.

Happy Birthday Emzeegee's Hungry Three!! :) :) :)

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Tell me about it. I'm still wondering where all those years went. I know I was there (I've got the photos and the scars to prove it, lol!) but...11? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!