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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Product Endorsement

You know when you see those ads from overseas with famous actors and athletes promoting stuff? Every time I see one of those, I wonder if the person really likes what they are pushing...or if they just see it as another way to earn money. Does George Clooney really drink Nescafe? Hmmm. When someday I am rich and famous, I think I'll only endorse those products which I actually use. Okay, products which I've actually tried. Okay, okay, products which look like they just might taste okay. Wellll... if I'm broke maybe I'll endorse stuff with cool packaging. Who am I kidding? I have to be rich and famous first!

Today I'm neither rich nor famous, but I'm quite happy to be plugging the recent launch of the local version of allrecipes.com I use the allrecipes website pretty much weekly - as an inspiration for dinner, as a way of checking if the recipe in my head will actually work, and sometimes just for the sheer entertainment of seeing how many things people make with chicken and pineapple. When they asked me to come over and write a guest blog for them, I didn't hesitate. Not only do I actually USE the product, but the packaging is sexy, too.

Go on, endorse ME and go read my guest post.


Anonymous said...

Wow Michelle, that is amazing. I bet you get 100s of hits on this and on the 3 sweeties website after the blog on allrecipes. Kol hakavod - couldn't be prouder of you.

the baker's wife said...

Good one!

ramona said...

Michelle, that's AWESOME! Congrats! I'm so proud :::sniff!::: and to think I knew her when...

: )

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

*blush* Thanks gals! :) I'm pretty excited about it...and by pretty excited I mean "bragging to all and sundry about my cleverness."