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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This Blogger Temporarily Under Construction

Hello All:

This blog post comes to you from the hospital, where I've been since last Friday. I am recovering from a prolapsed disk which is pressing on my sciatic nerve. The good news is that it hurts a lot less now, and I will soon be moved to a rehabilitation hospital for some intense physical therapy. The bad news is that I am sad, depressed, annoyed and frustrated about it all. In a word, it sucks. Blogging is hard to do from a lying down position, so it might be another week or so before I caan return to reguarly scheduled programming. In the meantime, rest assured I have been taking digital pics of the food I've been eating here - so expect some amusing hospital food blog posts soon.

Positive, "no pain for emzee" thoughts welcome - looks like there is a long road to recovery ahead for me.

- Em.


Jenny from Queensland, enjoying Jakarta said...

Oh you poor thing!!!!!
My Father suffered with prolapsed disks for years and was in excruciating pain with it.
I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you get heaps of Epicurean parcels.
You must be finding it tough with out the kiddos.
Lots of happy, pain free thoughts being sent your way......

Ronnie said...

Ok; positive thoughts: Have your read the book The Secret? Would be a good time to do so. Wishing you a speedy recovery and can't wait to see the hospital food posts!

Christine said...


I'm a frequent reader but have never commented before. Just wanted to send some positive, healing, pain-free vibes your way. So sorry you are going through this.

(mom to 18-month-old ggg triplets)

The Bakers Wife said...

Being in rehab does sound spectacularly glamourous, even if it is for a boring back injury and not substance abuse. Somehow, though, those open at the back hospital gowns really lower the tone of the whole experience. And the smell of linament. Speedy recovery, you have much to blog. Send up a smoke signal if you need a fresh, warm wheat bag...