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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Choo Choo / Spew Spew: A Family "Vaca"

I've been fortunate enough to spend most of the last two weeks with my snester, her husband (my BIL), my oldest neice (HPG), my nephew (Lucy - not his real name) and my youngest niece (Gumboots). Suffice it to say we had a fabulous time, and here are but a few things which might give you a hint as to what transpired:

  • Number of people to spew: 3 (me, DH, Lucy. 4 if you count DH doing it more than once)
  • Most spectacular spew: DH, in the reception area of the caravan park where we stayed. "Hi, I'm DH, we're just checking in...*projectile hurl*"
  • Number of times my snester ate a shitty tasting lunch: 3
  • Number of times she complained about it: I lost count
  • Bravest Little Indian: Gumboots, who survived my stripping her naked, holding her hog-tied over a patch of snow and saying, "oh, please please please can you pee now?!"
  • Number of times we thought for sure we would lose fingers and toes to frostbite: Daily
  • Number of times Lucy ate chicken schnitzel: Too numerous to count, but he now has feathers under his arms
  • Number of times we said, "Shit, it's COLD!" : Too numerous to count
  • Number of times I called HPG a "sullen teen" and she gave me a "I am SO NOT a sullen teen look"in a very sullen teen way: At least half a dozen times
  • Most amusing comment: (from my snester), "You mean there is no TV? HOW THE HELL are we supposed to entertain SIX KIDS?"
  • Most amusing cultural differences moment: The "brown out" in the toilet block of the caravan park, necessitating my sister getting a 'torch.' She was relieved to find it was a flashlight and not a tree branch lit on fire. Ooga Booga!
  • My amazement at my BIL's patience for my kids: Daily
  • Most sought-after and then forgotten about item: The freakin' cheese sticks at Myer Melbourne. We had to get them for my sis and BIL (or suffer some sort of early death) and then finally got them and my own KIDS ate them in the AIRPORT before everyone left. Ummm, can we say pointless?
  • Best turn around: No, this isn't a freezing bloody cold muddy wet rainy horrible cramped small kinda dirty renovated train carriage we are sleeping in. It's an eco-adventure vacation!
  • Best culinary re-naming: seaweed rice crackers into "pee pee crackers"..."because they kinda smell like it."
  • Most painful culinary experience: watching Lucy and HPG trying to sift flour. Four hours and a kitchen full of flour dust later, they managed it.
and lastly....
  • Best but Most Sad moment: All of my family standing in front of the International Departure Gate screaming at full volume, "IT SUCKS YOU LIVE IN AUSTRALIA!"
They're right. Sometimes it does suck.

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