I'm trying to keep my business, my triplets, and my waistline under control. I excel at one of those, fail at another one of those, and one is a work in progress. Which is which is day dependant.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

TMD Day One

I discovered on our family vacation, just how hard it is to negotiate with an 11 year old boy. Thing is, I have become mega-fat of late. I could go into how depressing it all is, yadda yadda, but really, let's not bring everyone down with us. Anyway, Lucy reminded me that his Bar Mitzvah is in about 17 months. 17 MONTHS, you say? Yeah, he says. 17 Months. As in, we're no longer counting in years. We're counting in months.

Fuck. I gotta lose a lot of weight. Fast.

So, the day after the family left, I started Day One of The Matthew (his real name) Diet. Lucy/Matthew, you see, is the only family member in the history of our combined families to be thin. Partially it's lucky genetics, but most it's because the little booger eats nearly nothing (nutritious, that is.) Pretty much all fruit and veg and anything with an actual vitamin content are a no-go zone. So I *tried* to make a deal with Lucy - that for every 10 lbs I lost, he had to taste a new vegetable. Deal is, I would post a pic, but then HE would have to post a pic of him trying a veg. No dice. He tried to buy me off with "I'll eat a banana every Sunday" ...but he already eats bananas (rarely, but at least he doesn't grab his throat and mimic dying when he does). Needless to say several hours and counter-offers on my part left me with just this:

Fuck. I gotta lose a lot of weight. (and Lucy won't play with me!)

So, I'm going back to the me of old, only now I've got the added degree of difficulty in that I'm a chef now, with immediate access to fantastic food (in ridiculous quantities). Gym going will be harder to fit in with my crazy hours, packing a lunch is as uncool as a chef can get, and I'm going to be surrounded by temptation daily. All of this hard work, and Lucy can't eat a freakin' carrot for me. *sigh*

Still. I'll do it. I won't talk about it much here other than the odd yay-me update. In the meantime, I'm happy to take on board anyone who wants to join in. You'll notice how much time I've got left to do this is currently counting down on the right hand side of this blog. Stay tuned.

*goes to cut carrot sticks*


Patricia Scarpin said...

Hey, sweetie, I wish you all the success in the world. I'm currently on the WW program and I have lost little, but I'm happy because it is a start. Something I did not achieve with Herba**fe shakes and even with gym.

I know you can do it!

The Grubbs said...

I am on the boat. Something has got to give so I have been making an "effort" to not stick so much food in my mouth, drink no soda and all that jazz. You think of any great food that is good for us, let me know :)

The Baker's Wife said...

I'm totally behind you too and an avid supporter of the WW program. I lost 15kg on it and my husband lost 35kg. He went from looking like a middle aged man (which he's not) to the slip of a bloke we know and love. It works, it's real and on-going (not a fad) and it takes a bit of work. I was actually shocked during the process at how little I knew about nutrition, portion sizes and how much I ate.
But however you go, you can call on us for support whenever you need it. I s'pose we're ditching the schnitzel and Becks night for the moment? That's ok, there's always going to be schnitzel. You'll never get the next 500 days back....Carpe Diem.