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Monday, February 23, 2009

And they call it puppy love...

Okay so he's not a puppy, but as for the love part...well, I think that's obvious, isn't it? This is DH and Teddy, our dog we've got on a two week trial to see if he fits into our home and life and if the kids can handle it. He's from the local Greyhound Adoption Program, so he's an ex-racer. I don't think you would know that, though, from how much he just kinda lopes around the house all mellow and chilled out. We took him to school pick up today and although he was rushed by a mob of kids, he just kinda stood there and let them pat him. Not a jump, not a bark...what a gentleman he is!

...the trial lasts for two weeks, at which point we decide if we want to give the kids back or not. As far as DH is concerned, the dog stays.


Weinraub Family said...

AHHHHH, he is SOO freaking adorable! Glad to hear he was a hit at the school with the mob of kids...real test is how your kids are with him.

We have all our fingers, toes, and paws crossed for you guys.

David does look like he is in puppy love!

Chelley said...

Ahh found the photos!!! **GRIN**

How sweet does he look!!!

I hope all goes well!! Oh and watch out for the steaming piles of brown!!!

will he be an inside or outside?

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Nic: Guess which child came RUNNING out of her classroom today, begging to be the one to walk him on his lead? (hint: Not J and not A.) Hmmm, me thinks there is progress in the air.

Chell: Inside AND out. Eat and sleep outside, hanging out inside or wherever he likes. We finally had all the gates fixed so he can wander freely.


DH said...

Well, I have been waiting (patiently) for 40 years to get my next dog!

M. B. said...

I have church friends who have GDs. I was telling them about your trial pet owning and they are really rooting for the dog to get to stay.

Doe said...

Of course, he's PERFECT! I lurve him so much... I miss my greys... they were so wonderful. Really Michelle, they are fantastic pets. I had four of them and each one was a blessing to our family.

He is beautiful and looks much like my gorgeous Rosie (Rama Rose).

YouRebelScum said...

This dog is thinking three things:

1) Wait a minute, this isn't Jennifer Lopez's house! Those ****ers at the shelter lied to me!

2) Three? Did you say... THREE...? Wait a minute, you mean... as in children... three... real...live...? Three...?

3) Someone show me a RABBIT for God's sake, I'm a GREYHOUND I gotta CHASE something... ahhh, wait a minute, can't be bothered... shots kicking in...