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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am in desperate need of a staycation

After bagging the heck out of the old staycation, I now find myself in need of one. Long story short we had a fabulous holiday - filled to the brim with loads of planned adventures (Disneyland, Monterey, Mexico and more) and plenty of unplanned ones, too (breaking down on the I-5 in the middle of the night...with very little cell battery life left in the phone.)

We've been home since Saturday night, which means we've had exactly enough time to:

1) Do lots of laundry
2) Panic about getting my head around work related stuff
3) Panic about getting my head around house-related stuff
4) Panic some more, for good measure


5) Decorate a cupcake or ten.

However, I've also had time to update my facebook profile, which then proved that at least 3 people out there actually read my blog...so I had to at least let those people know I am alive, well, and back on Australian terra firma. I've got several hundred pictures (but won't bore you with the good ones, only the embarassing ones, natch!) and loads of stories to tell (because while my accent has changed, my personality hasn't.)

It'll take me another day or two to get settled (and stop panicking!) - so in the meantime, talk amongst yourselves and enjoy a virtual cupcake on moi.


Laura said...

After hearing so much about the fires, I am just checking in and making sure you all are okay.

momzen said...


I saw what you wrote for Karen over at chookooloonks, and thought "wow, that's exactly what I would have said, had I thought of it" (except I love cheese and am great at small talk). Anyway, hi from across the pond. I like your attitude.

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Hey Laura - We're fine as we are closer to the city than where the fires are. However it's terribly to hear the news and see the pictures of parts of Victoria we've been to which are simple now piles of ash. That many of these fires were begun by arsonists only makes me even more sad. Thanks for checking in. :)

Hi 'Momzen' or shoud I say Bonjour! :) Thanks for visiting... fwiw, I like cheese too although not a huge fan of blue vein. :)