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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stranger Than Fiction

For anyone who doubted that my life is indeed chaos, or that crazy stuff only ever seems to happen to me, I present the latest in the "truth is stranger than fiction" category. The following are photos which I took of a recent series of text messages on my mobile phone.

...and because he knows me so well, he also said:

...well, he wasn't kidding. I did consider taking photos of the evidence, but even *I* have standards. Suffice it to say those were some seriously stressed out birds and the kids have some fabulous stories to tell about DH trying to shoo them out of the room. Just to add a certain believability to this story, I asked DH if he used a broom to sort of 'shoo' them out, to which he said, "No, I used this piece of bubble wrap which was in the back room."

Yes, my husband the tough guy went at a flock of birds with a large piece of bubble wrap.

P.S. Stop laughing! *grin*


the baker's wife said...

I love this because the new word my first born has discovered this week is....flock. And he has first applied it specifically to our own 'flock of mynah birds'. And, as you do when your brain is saturated and processing new things, he awoke dreaming during night, calling out 'Mummy, I want a flock of mynah birds,'. (Only to outdo himself the next night, waking and calling 'Mummy, I want some pepper, pepper, pepper, socks!', obviously just REM processing too many rounds of 'Fish and chips and vinegar...'.)

Anyway, a great story that has linked our lives again.

remzzo said...

I'm familiar with this xD recently a pidgeon flew right in my room through the window and then he tried to get out through the closed window. Lot of head banging and a seriously confused bird xD