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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Summa-summa-summa Time!

As is well documented on this blog, I am a HUGE fan of coke-flavoured Slurpees. This is partially because I don't normally drink 'plain' Coke (prefer Diet) and also because in my head I am still sixteen years old. So each summer the 7-11 company comes out with new 'summery' flavours and I'm always looking for an excuse to go and check out what is on offer. Nothing can ever beat last summer's sour apple, but you never know what hidden gems might lurk in your local convenience store. Plus I like to try the new flavour, tear it to shreds, and then go back to dear old Coke. It's all part of the ritual which is the start of summer in Australia.

So this past December 1st (the official first day of summer here) dawned and the weather wasn't cooperative for Slurpee runs. Yesterday, however, it was hot and I was grumpy, ergo, time to head to the corner store.

I had a choice of TWO summer flavours - either passionfruit (which looked, according to DD1, like "poison") and kiwi strawberry (which was red but tasted vaguely like Sucrets). Coke was all slurped out (eg liquid) so I ended up with the poison flavour.

Eh. Not so great. BUT it did signal that summer is here and I ADORE summer in Australia (except when it gets too hot, in which case I bitch and moan at a loud volume that "It's hhooooottttt!" as if everyone else did not notice the melting blacktop either.)

So - welcome to summer and therefore Slurpee blogging, everyone. What's the flavour at your corner store?

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