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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Roll on February

This morning (at 9am. What childless person gets up at 9am on a Sunday?) my friend The Good Doctor called me to see how I was doing. Not because he misses me, not because he forgot about plans we had last week (slacker), not because he just wanted to say hi... but because he saw me "whining on facebook" about how shit my life has been lately.


I wasn't actually offended by that comment - mostly because we've been good friends for years and we're right into the 'tell it like it is' stage of friendship. I was, however, kinda taken aback by the word whining. He meant it in jest - but the idea that I would be whining, was, well... totally unforgivable. Not to mention it just left a bad taste in my mouth. And I realised that I have indeed spent a hell of a lot of time whining lately. Now I could go all moral and lovey-dovey and happy gumdrops on you and tell you about the great things in my life which are totally worth focussing on... but where the hell is the fun in all of that? I could also tell you how grateful I am that I do not live in Haiti and that to the best of my knowledge, my husband is not involved in a secret swingers club (hello Mr Rockefeller...!).

Instead of all of that, I'm just going to say this:

THANK GOD that 1) school holidays are officially over, 2) I'm finally finding the time to get a hair cut and 3) February starts tomorrow.

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Poppet's mum said...

Amen to that!!!