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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things Which Are Annoying Me

A short list of things which are irritating me this week, for your reading pleasure:

1. I went to the interview, I got the job, then they didn't call to tell me when to come in and start working as they were meant to. What part of, 'If I don't start raking in some money soon, we will all be sleeping in our car and eating Vegemite on saltines" did they not understand? (But, on the plus side: my 2nd application netted me an interview tomorrow. So if that one comes up good, we'll be saved from the Vegemite, thank god, because Vegemite is just gross.)

2. Having a boy look. DH needs to complete some paperwork in order to shove a giant rocket up the ass of his former employer, because they treated him like crap and they need to be brought to justice. Said paperwork has a time limit by which he can complete it...a time limit which ends tomorrow. He needed a specific document in order to complete the paperwork. He spent THREE days looking for said piece of paper, tearing the house apart and supposedly turning over every rock. I walked in the house, looked in a box sitting at the front door, and found it inside of 10 seconds. The very SAME box he says he emptied out. What is it about men having a 'boy look' for things?!

3. I had a 2 week break from the gym and training since the kids were home, and I just find it very hard to get it done while they are underfoot. I went back to the gym this week, but then at training felt as though I was wading through molasses, very low energy and finding it hard to keep up. Losing fitness that quickly just sucks, because it makes me feel horrible about myself. Argh. Plus I don't think we can actually afford training any more, but the idea of having to give it up for financial reasons makes me want to cry. (Does crying burn calories?)

4. I am incapable of making decent pop overs. I'm going to try AGAIN this week, but geez! I'm a pastry chef, this should totally be easy for me to do. What IS it about those damn things? I saw a packet of frozen ones at ALDI this week... and considered buying them and passing them off as my own. Yes, I've stooped that low. (For my Aus friends: popovers=Yorkshire puds.)

5. I got stiffed on a cake this week. The client was frustrating from the get-go (last count of emails: 37 and counting). Her deposit bounced back, she kept changing her mind, and I had to make the decision to tell her I wasn't going to make her cake for her...by 2pm Friday I had no money, no confirmation of anything, and she was not contactable. From a business point of view, it was absolutely the right decision. Personally, though, it kinda made me feel like shit. I hate having to disappoint people, even when they disappoint me first.

Go on, make me feel better - what's annoying YOU this week?

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