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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Still Me

I was thinking about this blog the other day - thinking about how much it has changed over the years. I seem to recall that at one point I was pretty funny. At many points I was sarcastic, some points I was earnest (oh you all need to go and bake for other people right this very second!) and at all points I was honest.

The me who has been writing this blog over the last ....2 years?....isn't the me who started it. A whole lot of things have happened since then. When I started this blog, I was still in pastry school, was morbidly obese and the trio were only toddlers. Now I'm the Boss Lady of a cake company, am living with 3 pre-teens and a dog, am minus a parent, minus some weight, and basically a whole different person (visually AND mentally. But I still have insane, will-not-sit-still hair.) In thinking about this blog, I realised that I kinda miss the blogger of old - who talked shit about Helicopter Mum, who wrote funny posts about things like Australian food, and who didn't take life nearly as serious as I have been in recent time.

I fear I have become boring.

Boring is just about the most offensive adjective one can use to describe me, so my thinking that I am boring is in and of itself something akin to a crisis.

I'm pretty sure the very essence of me has not changed - I'm still acid-tongued, still saracastic, still surprised by stupidity, still curse exactly enough, still am funny on occassion, and still think other people's kids suck. It is remarkable to me that I can be all of those things and yet still be blogging like a grown up - and all these posts of late have positively reeked with eau de grownup.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. Evolution as a person and therefore as a blogger is exactly what I expected would happen...but somehow the lighter moments in this blog have disappeared as a result. I have no idea why this is. Other irritating people still inhabit the earth. My children are still as imperfect as they need to be to seem normal. My ass is still too big. In some ways not much has changed.

I have no witty ending to this post as it's really just a verbal diarrhea of my thoughts on the page...but if you are a blogger, has YOUR blog changed? For the better? Worse? Not at all? Share with me.


kazari said...

emzee, you are NOT boring, or else I wouldn't be here - and did you not read your last two posts? The first one made me snort my coffee.

But enough sucking up. I started blogging in 2006, and that was about cooking for me and my hubby on a budget. As the marriage got rocky, it just wasn't as fun any more... so I put it aside and started a non-food-related blog, more about building up my own life and interests.
when the marriage finally fell apart (and i wasn't doing any of my old fun things, cos i had 7 month old baby) that blog stopped making sense.
now, a year later, i'm not blogging anywhere in particular. i'd like to, but what would i write? odds are it would be completely changed in the first six months.
but please keep blogging - whatEVER you write about, it's always fun to read.

Rachel said...

Oh my word, Michelle, you are SO not boring! I read a lot of blogs - lots of them are about sewing or quilting and have lots of pretty pictures - yours has neither of those things and yet it is still one of my favourites. You are a brilliant writer so, whatever the topic, it is always interesting to read. Evolution is natural but, if you want to write about the things you used to write about - then do! I guess my blog must have changed in some ways in the 3 years I've been writing it, but I have to admit, it's not something I'm terribly aware of. I figure that, as long as I still enjoy doing it, then that's all that really matters.

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Wise words from both of you - as long as I keep it fun for me, it's nor vitally important that I am always funny, or always witty, or always interesting. I never intended to write for an audience, I really just intended to chronicle my life ...and I'm doing that. Probably high time I remember the purpose of this blog and remember that being either funny or witty is really just a bonus. Sometimes life itself isn't too funny! :)