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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Universe, Shmuniverse

A year ago I posted how I feel about All That Universe Bullshit. If you missed it, click on it and go read it. It's short and will take you about 1 minute to read.

I'll wait here while you go and do that.
Okay. Thanks. You needed to read that because you need to know the background of my discomfort. Tomorrow I'm going to spend an entire day in a seminar with a guy whose entire life centres around telling everyone all about "All That Universe Bullshit." He practically invented it, or something. Seriously. I have to be honest here, it makes me uncomfortable as anything because it just seems so far removed from my usual grounded, tangible, hard-work-is-what-makes-stuff-happen ethos. At the same time, I voluntarily paid to go, AND I'm giving up an entire day of work (at the end of the week no less...and the end of the week is sacred to cake makers) to go and listen to what he has to say.

I suppose I did it because I'm curious, I love to learn new things, and this arena is really something I only have played with around the edges - so I figure I'll go along and soak up the knowledge and enjoy the experience. That, and the small fact that in the past year, the Universe has provided me with an embarassment of riches, a plethora of blessings, and I've got shitloads to be really, really grateful for.

But, you know. Universe, shmuniverse.

Tomorrow night's blog should be interesting.


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Hi EmZee,

I haven't had a chance to form the words about some of your more recent posts, as I would like to (too much going on here). However, I wanted to (very quickly and concisely) say that, I for one think it "the Universe will provide" is a crappy mindset.

I know people quite a few people who have had spectacularly crappy luck in their lives, and as a result have extremely hard times (that don't look like improving).

This mindset doubly punishes those people, by implying that they didn't believe or want enough, for their situations to improve.

I think having goals and intentions and hard work are all very very important, but we kid ourselves that we control as much of our lives as we think we do.

There is always an element of luck involved, both good and bad.

For example, I'm bloody lucky that I am healthy. I am bloody lucky to have a family to support me. It is much easier for me to take a risk, because I have a safety net behind me.

I get similarly tied up about praying. I don't think that there is anything wrong with praying, but when people imply that having lots of people praying for you will do more than having say, just one, I get pretty pissed off with their idea of a God, that needs a popularity contest before he intervenes.

OK, so that was longer than I meant. Rant over.

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Hi Claire,

Today's seminar was quite overwhelming, and I need a few days to form some coherent thoughts about it before I blog about it. In the meantime though - I have to say it was fascinating stuff, and while I wouldn't say that I have become a believer, I would say I've learned a lot.

Interestingly someone asked today about bad or negative events (or bad luck) - to which the answer was, "There are no random events," - so I think the answer to your "some people just have bad luck and no way of improving it" would probably be something along the lines of - bad things happen for different reasons. You get OUT of those situations not by praying or wishing harder, but by taking baby steps (whatever is possible for you, with the resources available to you) towards your end goal (of a better life, of being happier, or whatever it is you really and truly want.)

Essentially the entire thing was WAY more grounded in actually DOING than I thought it would be. Far less 'woo woo' than I thought - and I as prepared to pretty much dismiss all of it.

As for the praying thing - I've never heard about the power of numbers when it comes to granting prayers. I actually don't think I'd want to look for guidance to a diety who would work 'by the numbers' anyway.