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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh Crap! (literally)

Detoxing is all going great guns - DH even said I look slimmer (although I did kinda brow beat him into it, so I'm not sure his comment counts). I've been wandering around with a aren't-I-fab sort of aura lately. Truth is, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for even making it this far. Have there been a few transgressions? Very, very few. In fact the only real one was yesterday, when DH and I found ourselves having:

- not eaten in several hours
- not near a decent food source
- 30 minutes left before school pick up time

...so I ended up eating a burrito, which had a tortilla (not approved) and some cheese (not approved). However it also had tons of lamb (only approved meat) and loads of vegetables (very approved.) So on balance, as falls of the wagon go, I'd say I didn't really fall off at all given that I made the best possible choice given the circumstances. The protein thing is getting easier now, too - the planning helps and the cans of tuna around the place REALLY help. So yay me on all fronts.

Until today.

This morning I raced out of the house, late for the gym (as usual.) In dashing out I forgot not only my carefully planned and packed lunch, but also my morning Spew Juice! It ended up being one of those days where everything is late, rushed, and a bit all over the place. Breakfast ended up being a no-added-sugar pineapple juice (thank you, cafe next to the gym). Lunch was 3 gluten free crackers I'd left behind on Tuesday plus 2 cans of tuna which N.N. left behind last time she visited. I even remembered to take all my supplements except one (to be consumed later tonight.)


I got busy and kinda forgot about the detox bit, and ate a cube of devil's food cake which was topped by a dollop of icing. It was, in total, about a quarter of a mouthful. DAMN, but it tasted good.

Tonight after dinner (christened "Lambapalooza" by DH) I was listening to my son read about the rain forests when I suddenly had a uncomfortable feeling in my stomach...and then realised that (*graphic content*) my seat was kinda...wet.


I blame it on the cake. My body has now decided to SELF detox, by way of high-speed exit of all consumed matter.

It was good cake, yes. But not THAT good. No more transgressions for me!

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Unknown said...

Awwww...disgusting...too much information...but know how you feel from a similiar incident last year! Ha Ha Ha!