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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Proof Positive of a Higher Power

I pretty much thought my Slurpee days were over for the year. Summer officially ended on February 29, so my 'excuse' to get one ended, too. However this week in Melbourne has been pretty hot, so when the kids asked to get a Slurpeee...well, what sort of mother would I be to refuse such a nice request?

I (almost) had a massive excitement attack, right there in the 7-11.

The featured flavour....after months of horrible ones like sherbet and apple blackcurrant (wtf?) and random crap like mango...

The featured flavour is...


Oh. My. God. Two of my most favourite flavours - IN ONE CUP. It tastes...frickin' awesome. A party on my tongue. I'm not sure who was happier about this. Me or my DD1, who said, "MUMMY! It's your FAVOURITE!" She and I then spent a happy half hour drinking and slupee-ing and saying, "This is the BEST flavour EVER!" and smiling wildly happy stupid grins at one another.

You gotta train 'em early, you really do.

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