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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I want a dog

For reasons I can't fully explain, I want a dog. Actually, that's a lie, I probably can explain why I want one, but the fact that I want one at all is strange. Strange because, frankly, I don't really like dogs all that much. In fact a lot of them kinda scare me. If I see a big dog coming down the street, I'll cross the road. If a friendly dog starts to jump on me or lick me, I seriously feel panicky. Dogs are just not my thing - my Mom is allergic to all things with hair (or so she claims) so my childhood was filled with endless short lifespan goldfish won at Purim fairs, a turtle who came back from the dead only to be made into turtle soup, and a small white mouse named Brandon who escaped from his home in my closet (he lived in a handbag and chewed his way through.) All of these are stories for another day ... and as usual I am digressing from the topic, which is that I want a dog. I've resisted the dog thing until now because the last thing I need is another mouth to feed and another butt to look after. I've got plenty of those in my house. I don't, strictly speaking, need a dog. In fact I don't really have any concept of what the day to day care of a canine involves. Yet, I still find myself pining for my very own Fido or Spot. Dh won't let us have a dog - and has endless (probably valid) reasons why (the garden isn't fenced, we're not home enough). I don't disagree with him, but I still want a dog. Maybe I should go for one of those Tamagotchi things instead - or are they so totally 90's...?

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