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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bonus, Shmonus

So you know how I worked lots and lots recently? As a thank you for all of our hard work, the owner of the company has invited everyone out to the movies next Monday night. The movie? Keeping Up With The Steins. Essentially it's a movie about the planning of a Los Angeles based Bar Mitzvah. I'm sure the movie is funny. I'm sure I'll be able to relate to it. And I'm damn sure I don't want to go and see it with a bunch of jerks I work with. But it's a free movie, you're saying...and you love movies, emzee! Yes, actually, I do love movies, and given that they cost a fortune to see, how could I possible say no? Well, let me tell you. Here are the reasons why I have no intention of going:

    1. I am the only Jew in the entire company and I grew up in Los Angeles. . At various times, "jokes" have been made about Jews, and the laws of keeping kosher, and how annoying we/it are. The company does cater for Kosher events, and yes, it is somewhat painful to have to only use certain products, to have to kosher an entire kitchen for the purpose, and so on. At the same time, it's so NOT COOL to make anti-Jewish remarks at other times. When the movie choice was announced, there was rather a lot of elbow-nudging and laughing and "Oh, SERIOUSLY? We gotta see a movie about JEWISH people?" Yes, this flick will probably be funny and I'd enjoy it, but there is no way in hell I'm spending my night with jerks like this. I'm guessing the movie is funny because it plays on a number of stereotypes about Jews. The last thing I need is my workmates assuming that my family and I must be *just* like that (even if, maybe, we are, just a little bit... like that).

    2. I spent several weeks working long hours with these people. The BEST way I can think to celebrate would be to go HOME and spend some time with my family. You know, the ones who helped me to actually do those hours you demanded. The ones whose own lives were put on hold or rearranged or whatever, just so I could make your damn sandwiches. You'll excuse me if I don't want to celebrate my achievement by spending MORE time with the people I already spend MORE time with.

    3. Not only do I not want to spend more time with my workmates, but if I'm going to have a (fairly rare for me) night out on the town, I'm going to spend it here - not going to a movie YOU pick, at a theatre YOU pick, at a time YOU pick, because this is what YOU think I need as a "hey thanks for working your guts out." I'm going to sit in that glorious dining room for 5 hours, eating AMAZING food, with some completely remarkable women, and we're going to walk out of there $400 poorer, but millions of dollars richer in laughs shared. THAT is my idea of a celebration.

Now to be fair, the company I work for treats all it's employees very well - we got lots of perks which most food-based businesses don't provide. This whole movie thing, though ....ugh, it just irks me. Theoretically, I suppose, I should be grateful. Hey, they're offering me a night out, and a free movie! However the reasons above pretty much describe why I've now been labeled a "party pooper who doesn't want to be part of the team" by my kitchen mates.

They can all get stuffed. With a gefilte fish.

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Weinraub Family said...

Screw them...go home and spend some time with that wonderful husband and fantastic kids. Put on a movie at home, pop some corn, make some REAL milkshakes and family a great family movie night in the house. You see enough of your co-workers.

sorry I have been MIA from you blog, and emailing...Alan and I feel really bad. Life has been a bit NUTS (almonds, pecans and walnuts) since we got back. Another week of running around and I should be back!!

Wanna come to Japan anytime soon?