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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bad Karma

There I was, poised to write a blog post all about seriously cool cakes, totally amazing things I've been sewing lately (because, you know, now I'm all crafty) and about the various projects which have sucked up my time but paid me back in happiness.


The Bad Karma Bunny hopped into my life, in a BIG way. It started a couple of weeks ago, when I got some sort of weird gastric bacterial god knows oh-lord-I-need-a-toilet-quick thing. It lasted for longer than I care to admit, and was accompanied (in a fit of exceptionally good timing) a women's business from hell. Which is particularly amusing because I am spectacularly infertile, which means I get women's biz, oh, maybe once every year. Or so.

It got so bad that I even found myself going to the doctor. Something which I HATE doing. Not only did I go to a doctor, but my normal doc was busy so I had to see some totally random guy and tell him about my bowel dysfunction. Not fun.

So I kinda, sorta, was starting to get over that when I had some business dramas. Among other things a cake of mine (with handmade figurines which took me AGES to make) got left in front of some random person's house because my delivery guy couldn't be assed to call me and tell me he couldn't find the place. Then a very expensive cake stand got broken - and of course, the client claims she got it broken, the driver claims *I* gave it to him broken, and the end result is me with a big bill and an annoyed expression on my face.

The kids are home loads because of the various Jewish holidays, so it's like they've been home for a month now, whining "I'm boooooored!" "He hit me!" "You NEVER do what I want..." etc etc. We all know how much I love and adore whining children, right?

A whole host of crappy (pun intended) things happened. This week, I thought, was SURELY going to be a better week. On Monday I had lunch booked in with a friend I adore - a friend who I only see once a month at our lunches, a lunch I had already cancelled because I was stuck on the, ahem, little room for 10 days straight. On Tuesday I had some fun plans with the kids, on Thursday I was going to experiment with a few recipes and do some kitchen organisation. You know, I had plans.

In comes the biotch, Bad Karma Bunny. Freakin' thing hopped right in and I didn't even SEE her. Literally. I sat down on Monday norming to answer some business emails and realised I couldn't see the entire left half of the screen. Hmmmm...odd. I felt okay but couldn't see anything - and usually when that happens it means I've got or am getting a migraine.

Yes. Well. 30 minutes later and I was throwing up all over the place and moaning about "my head, my head." Two DAYS later and I still had a headache, but could (sorta) function. My lunch got cancelled, my work got cancelled, my Bollywood got cancelled. Only thing not cancelled was a four hourly date with drugs. Strong drugs and a dark room and oh please GOD will it go away!

Wednesday I felt vaguely human. We started the day at the US Consulate, sorting out the passport renewals for me and the kids. Over $500 later (including the pics) and hours of waiting and endless bullshit security procedures later, we found out had to come back again! Argh!!

Still, I was not going to be fazed by this minor karma hiccup. Onwards we went to the Melbourne Museum, where the kids had begged us to go. It took about six seconds for the freakin' bunny to trip my son up in the parking lot. Niiicceee. Giant chunk taken out of his knee, lots of crying and wet clothes from the puddle he landed in. We fixed him up (clever parenting tip: first aid kit in the car) and on we went. He loved riding in the wheelchair (look! wheelies!). He complained about it hurting but DH and I basically told him to suck it up.

Long story short (and one of those phone calls from school) and he was out at the doctor...and while I was worried about the gouge in his knee, SHE was worried about his knee looking like a billiard ball.

Lovely. First day of the (much anticipated) cricket season and my boy is out on the injured bench, ordered to spend at least a week with his knee being iced and the rest of us playing nursemaid.

...and we won't talk about the lady who called at noon begging for some cupcakes to be finished by 3 pm (nut free, dairy free, egg free, sesame free....etc.) (Yes, I did it in time.)

Oyy...PLEASE! Someone! Make it stop!


Sarah said...

over from Scribbit's...

what in the world did you do to anger karma so?

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for visiting! I have *no* idea what I did to disrupt karma - usually she goes about her business, and I go about mine. I'm a nice person, really! :)

I did deliver a totally kick-ass cupcake tower today, AND I got a parking spot right in front of the venue, so perhaps I'm back in karma's good books!