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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Quite Maria

DD1 has taken a keen interest in this whole sewing lark, as it means she now has someone to make clothing for her menagerie of stuffed and plastic animal friends. First cab off the rank was an outfit for the strangely named Mr. Bun. I'm not sure WHY Mr. Bun is called that, considering he is a pink teddy bear - surely Mrs. Bun would have suited better? In any case the request was for "pants and a vest" for dear Mr. Bun and I was more than happy to comply.

Here is where it all started to fall apart at the seams (pun intended.) I had no idea how to make clothes. Literally NO idea. I vaguely considered using a pattern, but DD1 was very insistent that I get this thing done, and done NOW. Hmmm. I had 2 squares of rainbow flannel left over from my quilting endeavours. I had a pair of scissors, and more importantly I had some ingenuity.

Hence, I present, Mr. Bun in all his gay pride clothing glory:
(note the string sticking out is from his leg, not his outfit.)

Keen eyed readers, please note that not only are his pants hemmed, they are also elasticised at the waist, have a snib to close them (so it fits over his tail but then tightens around his waist). His vest also has a snib closure, and the lapels have been hand sewn into place.

If I do say so myself, Mr Bun looks pretty dapper. I don't quite think I'm ready for Project Runway, but at least I'm keeping my kid happy.

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