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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cake Love

More cake fun from the kitchen of Three Sweeties...

I'm getting confused with the stuff I'm posting on the web, on facebook, and here, so forgive me if some of these are repeats. Enjoy!

Hand made fondant lady bugs and flowers...these had a matching big ladybug cake as well as mini cupcakes. Hard to see in the photo but these little guys had eyes as well.

Made for a first birthday of a little girl with the nicknames of "Chicken" and "Bubbles." Everything on this cake is edible except the little Easter chicks and the wires.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar! I hand painted this to look as though it was really painted - exactly as the book shows it. The picture is a bit dark - it was a lot brighter in real life.

I love this cake. It was for a mother's group where 7 kids were sharing a 1st birthday. NN made it to my design and I love the colours she used. The brief was that it had to be "unisex and funky."

A simple yet elegant christening cake. All edible bar the ribbon and the wire.

A cupcake tower I adore, although dealing with those camellia leaves was painful. Each of these has a fresh orchid on top.

Have you voted yet?

Part of an Art Deco/Shabby Chic themed morning tea, with cupcakes to match the invitations. The fondant disks are all embossed with a floral theme and then pearl dusted so that in real life they shimmered.

This one is for a repeat customer whose son is allergic to nuts, dairy, sesame and a whole bunch of other stuff. This cake is totally vegan...but still tasted fab (of course!) I love the dolphin at the bow of the ship. The cannon on the back and the cannonballs at the feet of the pirates are all edible. There was even a fuse on the cannon!

This cake is not only about 28 inches long, it also was taken from my kitchen to an 80th birthday celebration 450 kilometres away. I got an email from the client to say that miraculously it survived the journey almost perfectly - they had to just fix one small panel (to the side of the keyboard) which was loose. All here is edible except for the songbook and the wire propping up the lid.

...and as is obvious from these photos, I'm no good at food photography - which I think is a real detriment to my creations. Tips, hints and helpful advice all welcome (and desperately needed!)


Dani said...

You've been busy! And those cakes are just amazing! I love, love the Very Hungry Caterpillar cake, and I think saw a piano one like that on Ace of Cakes one time. Bravo!

Edible said...

Those cakes are just amazing and those give a good charming attraction to everyone ti eat it i liked it

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

I saw a good movie last week, An Accidental Husband, starring Uma Thurman.
In one scene she met up with the leading wedding cake designer in the whole of New york.
They went to a tasting, where they sat and tasted a sliver of all the cakes that they could choose......

Oh My Goodness, I so want to do that with every single one of your beautiful creations!!!!

Jennifer said...

Your creations are so unique! Wish you lived in Las Vegas Nevada so I could have one of your inspired cakes at every party I host. Move, would ya?