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Monday, November 3, 2008


I finished my first quilt, and I couldn't be more proud - YAY ME! This really was a very simple project to do for a beginner, as it's essentially just sewing a whole lot of straight lines. I had a few technical issues with it - namely that I got quite a lot of puckering, and that as it grew it started to get a bit unwieldy! The kids got to help with this as well, so I like to think that I'm passing some knowledge onto the next generation.

I actually bought enough flannel to make two of these - the other flannel is a soft purple and a soft blue. Having learned a lot of lessons in doing this (namely that if you cut the squares wonky, the finished product will be wonky) I'm keen to give this another shot. Ultimately I'm not all that happy that the squares did not line up well, but as DH says it gives it "a homemade air" about it, and the damn thing is just so cute that I forgive myself.

For those who care about these sorts of thigs, I used a bamboo batting inside - more expensive than wool, etc but also environmentally friendly and a lighter weight. Washing it to get the 'rag' effect on the egdes was a major undertaking...I think we'll bge pulling pink fluff out of things for quite a while! In the picture above you can see the ragged side - in the picture below the non-ragged side. It also seemed to shrink quite a bit in the wash ... but it's still the perfect size for two little girls to have a cuddle, so that's okay by me!

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