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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kodak Moments

Firstly, parental bragging rights: DD1 just passed her second gymnastics exam, moving her up to the next level of frighteningly flexible moves and scary things like the vault. DS also moved up a level in cricket, which for him means the excitement of getting his own cup to protect his family jewels (you should have SEEN the excitement this generated...) and DD passed her ballet exam "with merit" a mere two points below "with distinction." Considering how freakin' coordinated all these kids are, it's a wonder they are related to me. But then, given my sewing and cooking pursuits, it's a wonder I am related to MY Mom - who has neither time nor desire to sew or cook.

It's been a while since I've posted some pictures of my kiddos (just for fun as opposed to just for ritual humiliation), so here are some for your viewing pleasure:

DD2 proving that it's never to early to start slave labour...

DS giving his mother a heart attack. Get DOWN from there!

Okay, if your sister gets up there, then this is no longer scary.
This is now a photo op!

Sisters, friends, frenemies. Pick your moment. Actually this photo reminds me of why so many people claim that they cannot tell them apart.

DD1 at the Royal Melbourne Show. This kid is all about adventure, and all about legs. Seriously, her legs start at her ankles and continue on until infinity. Please, god, may she stay this thin and leggy forever, even if it means I will have to become an expert at letting down hems.

And finally, the trio...all dressed and make-uped for their school concert a month or so ago. Proof positive they are capable of standing still and smiling all at the same time. Pity it took several thousand shots, a lot of yelling, and eventually some begging (all on my part.)

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