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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All I Need Is A Broom

When my Mom visits me, invariably after a couple of days of watching my normal life unfold, she shakes her head and me and says, "Emzee? All you really need is a broom!" The comment refers to a Hebrew saying that all a busy person needs (to make their life even more crazy of course), is a broom shoved up their bum to complete things. Not an expression I've ever really understood, but there you go.

These days, I'm feeling like I need a broom. Life is hurtling along at warp speed, and I am in constant motion from the minute I wake up (or more realistically, get shaken awake by DD2 saying, "Mum. Seriously. You need to get up now!") to the minute I realise that the words on the page of my book are literally doing the backstroke. I quite literally cannot find the time to pee.

Enter poor Biz Guy, who in the midst of a normal conversation today suggested that I needed to add in a few admin tasks to a process I was already doing, or at least trying to do.

*cue emzee going ape-shit at Biz Guy*

*cue Biz Guy wondering what the hell he did to deserve it, and then telling me I was just being resistant to his idea (big mistake, that.)*

*cue me resisting the urge to hurl a grenade through the phone*

Later on, when I started to breathe again, and had the chance to review why exactly I went mental at the poor man (and admittedly felt the teeny-tiniest bit of remorse)..the saying about the broom occurred to me. The problem with running and running and running all day and all night is that you already feel so damn busy, the very idea of MORE things to make you even busier makes you feel somewhat homicidal. In my case especially, I am finding myself looking at the lives of other people and thinking, "How the HELL do they do it?" And then, of course, I am reminded of all the posts on this blog which say, "Hey, mothers and business owners, you DON'T have to do it all! Really, it's okay."

And then I am left wondering why the hell I don't take my own advice.

I suppose it's the old "shoemaker's children" and all that.

I think I now know why the expression is all about busy people needing a broom. You use it to hit the people over the head who tell you that you need to do more things.

Of course.

Why didn't I think of that before?

Must've been too busy.

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