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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bugger, bugger, damn and bugger!

I found out today that there are a couple of people who read this blog which I do not want to read this blog.

*cringes and waves to people who do not know I do not want them here*

I know, I know, the very nature of blogging is that you can't control who is reading what you write, and the nature of ME is that I'm no good at controlling what I blog about.

But - this makes me really very uncomfortable. Mostly because I had no idea that this blog was even known to said people. Of course it's not like this blog is a secret or anything, but...

Bugger, bugger, damn and bugger. This actually will dramatically change what I think I can and cannot say on this blog, and as we all know, censorship here is so NOT what I am about..but... ARGH.

Now what?

A) Get over it, I put shit out there for so long, what does it matter now?
B) Stop blogging. Yeah, right.
C) Start a new blog which is password protected and therefore only readable by the cool kids
D) Keep blogging, but censor or at least try to, or
E) ???

Votes welcome in the comments below. I'm really quite feeling all ruffled feathers by this.

Bugger, bugger, damn and bugger. I hate it when the mean kids take my toys away.


Cameron said...

Selfishly I love reading your stuff, so I'd like to vote (a), to thine own self be true, but I don't know if there are any mitigating factors.

You could always post notes to Facebook instead of posting to your blog - that would at least give you some ostensible control over who sees it.

Anonymous said...

If you blog, they will come. But if you are going to make a statement like the one in this post, you need to be specific. You risk alienating all the "other" people who read your blog by not being specific about who you do and don't want to read it. I would suggest a subtle hint to suggest who you want to leave as, as I read it, it is very confronting and I don't even know you! I am not sure if you want me to read it and we have never met!

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

I think you can take it as a given that if I don't know you (but, hey, nice to "meet" you :) ), you're safe. It's more that I tend to 'forget' how public this forum is - I know it intellectually of course, but since for me blogging is all about being honest, I don't really know how to censor here. Suffice to say the person I refer to in this post is someone who I censor to IN REAL LIFE (therefore, I know them very well). So to think they read something uncensored...well, it just freaks me out a wee bit.

I'll get over it (see my new post, which I'll publish in a few minutes.)

But, by all means, you can assume since I don't know you and you don't know me, you're more than welcome to be here. :) Somehow strangers are easier to deal with than real life people!