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Sunday, February 19, 2012

All The Cool KIds

Last night DD1 went to a movie and pizza night hosted by a girl in her class. I went to pick her up, and when I arrived was greeted by the sight of 4 girls going mental to Pink songs blaring, and one mother going mental while waiting for her kid.

(Although why was she waiting? It was pick up time, right? Anyway...)

I say the mother was also 'going mental' because this woman could not only out-talk me, she spent the entire 20 minutes that I was there basically being judgemental, bitchy, and altogether awful.  I lasted through the story of how a kid came to her house for a play date but lost the plot when his Mum came over (pretty normal I'd say) and how this was the WORST experience she had ever endured with other children. She crapped on forever about how the mother of the child had used her as a free babysitter, had abandoned her child, and how this woman took NO reponsibility for her kid whatsoever, and how the child was just wild and uncontrollable when his Mum arrived.

At this point, (and there is more to the story but I'm not going to bore you all), I decided I'd had enough, and stood up and said, "I'm going to go give DD1 the five minute warning, it's late and time for us to go."

At which point Judgemental Mum turns to me and says, "Oh great, can you go and tell my kid the same?" and then turns around and continues to talk, and talk, and talk...and...talk.

The irony here was not lost on me - she's crapping on about children overstaying their welcome and mothers not taking responsibility, and she sends ME to herd her kid home? A woman I've met..oh, about ten minutes ago? And I actually have NO idea who her kid is, so I just went and told MY kid what I needed to, then sat down to wait the five minutes.

Good Lord but I was GLAD it was only a five minute warning. Her next topic was all about how "everyone' was abandoning the whole Bar/Bat Mitzvah ritual and instead taking their kids overseas for family holidays.

I could (and I likely will) write an entire post about the, "Let's just ditch the religious bit and go to Disneyland!" concept - but in the meantime, suffice to say it's not something I plan on doing. This mother carried on and on about how the hosting mother "shouldn't feel bad" if she decides to go the holiday route, because that's what everyone else is doing, and the ONLY people who can afford to do the religious bit are parents like Mr and Mrs XYZ, who can just 'throw money away.'

Lady, last I checked, you too were affording to send your kid to SSOTH. And last I checked, just the flights to get overseas for a family of 5 were around the 10k mark, so this bullshit about not being able to afford a Bar Mitzvah but somehow magic-ing up the money for a cruise to Barbados...well, pull the other one.

At this point I was very, very glad the five minutes (exactly five. I couldn't stand her anymore) were up and I went to get DD1. Apparently this spurred the other mother into action, who all of a sudden realised that she should probably take her kid home so she too stood up to gather her child. At which point - and I swear I am not making this up - her kid started to whine and carry on and be a royal PAIN IN THE ARSE about leaving. I could still hear her whining and carrying on as DD1 and I walked down the driveway.

Moments like these just remind me of how glad I am that I'm neither a cool kid, nor do I give a shit what the cool kids are doing.

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