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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Death of the cupcake

Some of you reading this may be aware that in recent months (maybe as long as a year) there has been a bit of a cupcake revolution. Cupcakes, those delectable treats made by mothers the world over, are suddenly all that is hip and cool in desserts. The damn things are everywhere - piled high as wedding cakes, offered in cafes, bakeries dedicated solely to cupcakes, decorated crazily as kids' birthday cakes...you get the idea. The sad thing is, cupcakes kinda suck. Unless they've been decorated to look supremely cool, all you're really getting is ...well, less cake to eat. Also less icing to eat. What fun is a cake where you get less than your fair share? If the person making it is a bad cupcake maker, then you're really losing out. Then the cupcake is mostly stuck to the paper cup, the icing is either no good or not plentiful enough, the cupcake is too dry...you get the idea. So at work this weeek we were discussing that this is a trend whose time has ended, that there seem to be less and less of the stupid things around. Personally I think those cake eaters among us should revolt against paying the same if not more for a cupcake, and getting way less product! This blog is just to say - SAY NO TO CUPCAKES (unless of course they are a) made by moi or b) so amazingly decorated that they are nearly too gorgeous to eat, in which case you're supporting some poor pastry chef out there suffering from RSI and that's a good reason to buy one.)

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