I'm trying to keep my business, my triplets, and my waistline under control. I excel at one of those, fail at another one of those, and one is a work in progress. Which is which is day dependant.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

It Begins.

So here I am, finally finding a forum for my writing skills as well as my ego. An entire blog devoted to me, my love of food, my pastry successes (and let's be honest, spectacular failures) my adventures with the trio, and anything else I feel like waxing lyrical about. Talking (out loud, in print, makes no diff..) is MY THING. Now I can do it on a global scale.

I could get used to this.


Alexis said...

OK... several days of this blogging stuff and you haven't mentioned me yet? What gives?

The Lummox

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle,
This is very depressing. You actually have the time and skill to figure out how to write a blog. I, on the other hand, have way too much homework to write one. And you are the one who has three kids! Yikes! Oh, and also, maybe if I do actually have time eventually(like during summer vacation), you can teach me how to use this technological stuff. I mean,I do have a laptop, but besides that,I am supposed to be into all of this technology stuff. I don't even know how to use our DVD player! Arrg!
Oh, and of course, IT SUCKS YOU LIVE IN AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!! :(