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Friday, October 27, 2006

Confessions of a Drama Queen

DD#2 is a fabulous drama queen. She not only *is* one in personality, but she has the dramatic pauses, angst-filled voice inflection, and the hands in the air "what's a girl to do" look down pat. Truly. So a couple of days ago it was pretty hot, and she, as usual, was complaining in her woe-is-me drama queenly self that it was "wwwaaayyyy too hot Mom!" (and strangely, DD#2 calls me 'Mom' much more than 'Mum'). Anyhoo, I sympathised (barely) and she wasn't impressed. She wanted way more sympathy and fawning on my part, so of course, she ups the drama queen ante to this:

"MOM! It's SOOO hot, I feel like I'm gonna DIE. I feel like I am a JELLYBEAN on FIRE!"

So I did what any self-respecting mother of an on-fire jellybean would do. I licked her (to quash the flames, natch!).

LOL, it was worth it just to see how utterly pissed off she was with me. Me thinks complaints about the heat will be not so forthcoming in the future. (Or she'll pick a food group which is not lickable..."Mom! I feel like a VEGEMITE SANDWICH on FIRE!")

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Anonymous said...

Stop licking the children, please.