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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Light Reading

Dh & I had a fabby weekend away in Canberra (our nation's crapital.) We ate some nice meals, caught up with a friend of DH's, walked around lots, and came to the following conclusion:

There is LOTS to do in Canberra, but each thing takes an hour or less. Seriously. And this would not be because we were hurrying, because let me tell you, my SORE legs were not hurrying anywhere.

In one weekend we managed to see a lot of Canberra's highlights - Floriade, the Canberra Museum, the view from Mount (I forget...?), The National Museum, Cockington Green, dinner out (twice), breakfast out (twice), a movie, the shops of Kingston, the shops of Civic, a decadent picnic on the lawn of our hotel, reading the newspapers (twice), the Old Bus Depot Markets...you get the idea. We did a LOT, and none of it took much time at all. This city seems to have no petrol stations, no traffic...but surprisingly great food. It's supposed to be a cultural wasteland, and it's so not. Now while I might not count it on Australia's Top Ten Exciting Destinations, I also think it's a pretty decent place to spend a weekend with a DH and some walking shoes. :) Plus it was nice to sleep in (ahhhhh....) and not worry about whether or not the door was locked, if you get my drift. (*exaggerated wink*)

...and while I'm on the topic of recommending stuff, check out this site. It's got the MOST cool customisable clothes for kids and aprons/bags for parents. I treated the trio and me to some stuff from there and it's GREAT. :) (LOL, my bag reads "If you think I'm strange, you should meet my children.")

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