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Friday, March 2, 2007

A Foodie Confession

I like McDonald's food.


I do. In fact I *heart* McDonald's.

Especially the McNuggets, in all their sponge-like, cookie-cutter-shaped, dripping in sweet & sour plastic tasting sauce selves.

But, Michelle! (I hear you say incredulously) - you're a Chef with a capital C! You will easily spent $50 on lunch by yourself, you think children should learn to eat decent food and you KNOW what is in those little nuggets can't be good for you. You, who could and has (on a number of occasions) driven, trained, sailed and walked several thousand kilometers just for a MEAL - YOU like McDonald's?! For shame, Chef emzee, for SHAME.

I'll just say this loud and proud: it's all true, dear readers, all true. I am a foodie.

But dang, those little spongies are good (you ever bitten into one? I swear you could mop up spills with those things).

Tonight as a special treat I took the trio to the Golden Arches. For Sabbath dinner. Seriously. What kind of fucked up message is that giving them? Tonight of all nights, the family night, the holy night of the week, I took my kids to the Scottish restaurant down the road. We didn't do candles, wine, challah, prayers, nuttin'. We just took our Jew selves down to the Mickey D's and dined in style with the rest of the Melbourne parents who couldn't be assed to cook tonight. (To be fair I had a good excuse: DH was at some religo-thing, IL's and BIL#2 were out of town, SIL and her kids had plans,I threw my back out yesterday afternoon, and I'd been promising the kids a dinner at McD's for a few weeks now...plus I had a hankering for some spongey goodness.)

Anyway, so there we are....and while I love 'da house of fries and grease', I don't love the 12 year old kid behind the counter who took (no shit), over 20 minutes to fill our order. This is after I'd waited 14 minutes to get to the front of the line (no I'm not kidding.) It actually took him so long to get it organised (and this was not a complex order) - that ALL the fries morphed into stale cold sticks of grease and had to be replaced with fresh hot sticks of grease - adding a further 6 minutes to my waiting time. I *know* how long it took because I was standing within eyeball distance of the screen which tells the 12 year olds just how far behind they are in their serving time goals. All I have to say is, 12 year old heads are gonna roll tonight!

It took a superhuman amount of effort not to jump that counter, shout, "Gimme my fuckin' sponges already!" and then threaten to start poking everyone in the eye with the spoons off the McFlurry machine.

So you can imagine my mood when the twelve year old tells me they've run out of the totally wicked alien toys and they only have TOTALLY LAME Frisbees left.

He's lucky he's not a McNugget. I'd have bitten his head off, right then and there.

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Em said...

I like MsDonald's as well. Especially McNuggets. And the plain, good ol' filter coffee.