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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Space Waster

Here are five more interesting, amusing, or just plain fill-in-the-blog lines things about emzee you might not know (and don't want to know, but this is me putting it out there, okay?)

1. Who says Australia is a cultural wasteland? Up on our pin board are tickets to these events: Miss Saigon (which I've seen 3 times previously), Walking with Dinosaurs (which I bought tickets to only because I got one for free, and because I am claiming it's for DS but it's really me who wants to go) and 'Out of the Frying Pan', a Melbourne Food & Wine conference all about the future of food and the media (hey, I might meet someone fab who says, YEAH! The emzee show sounds like a GREAT idea).

2. I announce my bathroom visits. ALL the time. I had no idea I had this habit until DH pointed it out, and now he pretends to 'sound an alarm' every time I make my announcement. I do this at work, too. There is no earthly reason why I need to do this, and I don't know why I do. Maybe it's because I think people will miss me when I'm gone? Am I that self-centered? Who knows? *announcement* I'M GOING TO GO PEE!

3. I recently answered this question: "What do you think is your best parenting skill/strength?" with this answer: "Basically I think I do a good job at raising happy, healthy kids. The rest, frankly, is just gravy. But, DANG, I make a good cake."

4. I once rented a car (at the airport in Boston) on a fake ID. The car was a HUGE mini van, brand-spanking new, with 12 miles on it. I drove said car through the night (with a friend) trying to get to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We had only the rental car company map (of the greater Boston area), and despite repeated attempts to purchase one, we still had no map. We had nothing except ourselves, some clothes, and a rented minivan rented under false pretenses. Plus we had a lot less money because of those damn tollways. We finally gave up at Allentown, PA - where we spent the night and then drove back to Boston, only to discover that a return flight from Boston to Pittsburgh was CHEAPER than renting the stupid car.

5. I'm home from work today with a helluva head cold...so I did what any self-respecting woman would do. I baked a giant white chocolate mud cake (for a client, and no I didn't sneeze on it), asked DH to make some chicken soup (from my sister's recipe, which she learned from our Guatemalan maid - go figure) and complained a lot that "by doze iz ztuffy." Oh, and I watched some crappy daytime TV. Know what? It was bliss.

Okay, so this isn't the best post ever - but my brain is full of boogers and that's my excuse.

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