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Friday, March 9, 2007

A Friday Funny

Green Eggs & Ham, the Jewish Way

Will you never see?
They are not kosher, so let me be!
I will not eat green eggs and ham.
I will not eat them, Sam I am.
But I'll eat green eggs with a biscuit!
Or I will try them with some brisket.
I'll eat green eggs in a box.
If you serve them with some lox.
And those gren eggs are worth a try,
Scrambled up in matzo brie!
And in a boat upon the river,
I'll eat green eggs with chopped liver!
So if you're a Jewish Dr. Seuss fan,
But troubled by green eggs and ham,
Let your friends in on the scoop:
Green eggs taste best with chicken soup!

(courtesy of a Jewish Day School who was celebrating Dr Seuss Day)

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