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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Notes From an Escapee

First, to update on my emotional and physical state - being home has had a massively positive impact on my general feeling of well being. I'm able to walk further, smile wider, and in general am feeling quite good. I unexpectedly had to return to school last night, and other than a total freak-out about not being prepared, survived well. My back/leg are feeling pretty okay - maybe 90% improvement on pain and the same on being able to walk/stand for longer and longer periods. The kids have now become part of my training team and we walk/stretch together. I have to go through 9 weeks (!) of outpatient therapy twice a week, but at the end of the day I know this is a good thing for me. I never got to see a psych - but I had a great yoga session with an amazing instructor. She told me I need to shift my perspective - instead of seeing rest or exercise time as taking away from my life (why do this when I can do something else) - see those activities as an ADDITION to my life, another thing which I do. That perspective certainly fits in better with my Alpha Female SOC (scary overachiever girl) personality. So in general I am feeling a lot better and the children are a lot more helpful, which is a good thing.

Emotionally I think I've got some work to do - it's exceptionally hard going from capable and running at 100 miles an hour, to suddenly incapable and feeling like I'm useless. A big part of my recovery will be pacing myself - just because I can do something, doesn't mean I necessarily should! My workplace and school mates and teachers have all been 100% supportive, willing to do whatever is required to get me into shape/form again. I'm returning to school this week as a bit of a test run, and will then gradually add in a few work shifts. In some ways this could not have come at a better time since work is very quiet at the moment. As several people have now pointed out, maybe this is the universe telling me to slow down!

A big thanks to all for the comments you've left in support - it was always made me smile on days when I didn't really feel like it. As a reward, I'm going to go compose the hospital food post!

Extra hearty, you-are-the-best shout outs to: 007, The Sicilian, my SIL, my employers (esp Bollywood Babe), DH & kids, poppet's Mum, unknown parent who sent a card on behalf of my kids whole class, Rikybabe, 50 Cent Supervisor and IL's who all visitied, sent cards, called a lot, and in general made me feel a bit more human. The rest of you...well...best we not get into that.

There is ONE good thing about hospitals: they fit 3 kids to a bed:

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