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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

One Man's Inedible, Part II

Several months ago I posted about how I got credit for someone else's work. Last week, the same thing happened - but this time it was me doing the cooking. We had an entire lesson on lamb - different cuts of lamb cooked via various methods. Cheffie and I, as usual, were working at adjoining work stations. Each of us made a red wine sauce to go with a herb-crusted lamb roast. His sauce failed miserably and mine came out quite well. Rather than re-make the sauce, he just "borrowed" what was left of mine. When it came time to evaluation - my sauce was deemed "very nice, complex flavour" while my sauce served on Cheffie's plate was deemed "tastes like wet Vegemite." We're talking about the exact same sauce. Cheffie, needless to say, was able to laugh it off. Later in the class, he burned one of his topside steaks, and again had to "borrow" one of mine (as we needed to present 2 of them.) My steak when presented was "nicely cooked and seasoned." My steak on Cheffie's plate was deemed "over seasoned."

He's beginning to think the teacher has it in for him. I just maintain that I'm cuter, therefore my food is better.

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