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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cake Love

It's been a while so here's some cake love to keep you all amused. I've been toying with the idea of a blog especially for the business, as I've seen several of my most favourite companies do it (CakeLava and Pink Cake Box, I'm looking at you). I mooted the idea with my web designer and she totally put the kai-bosh on it - for the reason that she can't see the 'added value' in it, and she can't see what purpose it would have for the business. She sees it only as a "look at the pretty pictures" usage rather than a "come buy the cakes in the pretty pictures" tool for growing the busness. Since I severely limit the cakes I put on the site (so as not to have slow downloads, and so as not to crowd it) I think it may be a good venue for more pics that people may want to see. What do you guys think? Worth it, or just another time suck?

A cake for a science party - we went with a bubbling beaker of green stuff complete with glittery slime and stirring stick. The eye dropper and little bottle are also edible.

Ridiculously cute mini cupcakes for a kids' birthday. Just looking at these makes me smile. I especially love the one in the middle row, second from the right.

Puppy themed cake for a 1st birthday - I was inspired by the figurines which Lorraine McKay makes and a similar puppy cake she made some time ago. I'm not anywhere in her skill level but I like how this came out - don't you want to rub the belly of the white doggy?

An experimental one - Mocha! Devil's Food Chocolate cupcakes with a coffee infused buttercream, topped with a chocolate covered coffee bean and a dusting of Dutch cocoa.

We participated in a local summer event - and we had to bake 1,000 cupcakes. So many, in fact, that the stack was taller than me (and I am 6 feet tall.)

One of our stands at the stall - we had several and covered two tables with cupcakes. This was part of the 'kid's selection' and had all sorts of crazy decorations and colours. I love how it looks!

Another stand from the picnic day - a 'girly' themed stand of cupcakes. You can imagine we had plenty of little pink-loving princesses all wanting one!

It's been a fun few weeks - we've made cakes with David Beckham on them, cakes in the shape of an airplane, cupcakes with naked ladies on them, and so on. Lots of fun things to play with! I'll post a few more favourites as they come along, in the meantime I hope you all enjoy looking (and drooling of course..)

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momzen said...

You are a frickin' genius! These are awesome! I'd have to drive a long way to buy one, but I'd love to look at pictures!