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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Heidi Special

This cake is being posted here especially for Heidi, who could use something to make her smile these days. Before you ask, yes both of them were anatomically correct and the view from the back was almost as amusing as the view from the front! The wedding was themed on "Tiffany blue" hence why we tried to make it a bit elegant (well, as elegant as this kind of thing can be.) I made it for a bachelorette party (on request of the bride's best friend.) Sadly the next day there was a major disaster as the lady fell off her, em, perch - the customer picked it up and it did not survive the drive. I had to re-make most of her limbs and we could no longer get her to stay upright. The end result was her laying on his chest with a wine glass in one hand and his giant penis in the other hand....really, the way most married women would like to be.

Really, my life has come to this?! *grin*


Heidi said...

OMG that was so worth the wait! LOVE IT! And the story! And my name in a naked people pastry post!

You've totally made my week!

Sigh, how I wish you lived close enough so you could do my kids cakes. You're a rockstar!

Sabina said...

well my 10 year anniversary is coming up and i reckon that is the best idea i have ever seen. When we got married the closest we ever came to picking a wedding cake we like was a couple lying in bed togher pual asked if they could put a bigger bump under the sheet, he wanted to make sure he would get his moneys worth. I am still wondering if I got mine...

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Heidi: Glad to be at least one ray of sunshine for you this week! Plus anyone who calls me a rockstar totally deserves a cake post of their very own. :) Wishing your Mom the best of peace and health. - M

Sabrina: LOL! Hilarious! I'm totally making Paul a cake now..!! - M