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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Purim

I sent the trio off to school today dressed in their Purim costumes ...and it was an especially big smile of pride since I actually used my sewing machine to get these costumes done! Admittedly there was not a lot to do - for DD2 just a vest and a glittery sash, and for DS a hat and a beard. Still, I got the whole sewing thing happening especially so I could do these kinds of projects, so it was especially nice to see those skills be put to the use they were intended! The costumes cost me a whopping $15 to make (assuming we are ignoring the cost of going to Disneyland to get those fabulous Pirate ears). I'm feeling very proud indeed, especially as the kids picked and designed their own outfits - DS wins the fantastic irony award since he went as a dwarf and he's the tallest kid in his class (and taller than most of the kids in the year above him as well.)

So we had one dwarf, one very pretty "boy" and one "rock chick pirate princess" ...

...and one 75kmph couch potato.

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Chelley said...

Oh clever are you making those!!!


And that is such a CUTE puppy pic!! looks like one ver RELAXED house member!