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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How I Love Thee Oobleck

My lack of blogging is directly correlated to my extreme...irritation? sadness? frustration? hysteria? [insert suitable adjective] mood over my finances, the future of my baby business, and all other things. None of these things are helped by the upcoming 8 day carb-free torture which is the Jewish Festival of Dusty Farts, also known as Passover. Give that I'm in a pretty shitty mood these days, I've spared all of you the endless whining and complaining and have left my blog to wither.


In the spirit of making the most of it, I'm here to share with you that you can be broke, have 3 kids, over an hour of free time, sixteen complaints of "I'm bored" and "she hit me" and be ready to kill either yourself or them...

and then you can discover this fabulous thing called Oobleck. Credit where due, I learned about this stuff via Jen's facebooking about it, so we can all thank her now. THANK YOU JEN. Okay, so the kitchen looked like a multicoloured bomb went off, all of us still have blue hands, and several of our bowls will never be the same - but seriously? More fun than you can possibly imagine. SO fun, in fact, that it made me forget about our debt, my business, my fat arse, our self-imposed super budget staycation and a whole bunch of other things which are upsetting me right about now. Here are some details on how to make it...and here are some photos of us having a ridiculously good time. Such a good time, in fact, that the kids are still talking about it, and DD suggested I give DH the recipe "for the next time we're bored!"

DD1 making a suitably "ooh, how gross!" face (entirely made up..she loved every second of it.)

Notice how clean we all look? I took this picture ten seconds after we started.

And because I am all for shameless promotion...

How cute is this cake? It's a technique I've not used in ages - piped chocolate 'plaques' - but I like how it came out. Simple and pretty and fun to eat, and... I dropped it about 10 minutes before the customer came to pick it up (and about 10 seconds after this picture was snapped.)

Yes. Best go back to thinking about Oobleck.


Lori E said...

What a cute cake. So sorry it hit the ground. It isn't like the Julia Child/turkey debacle where she scooped it up off the floor and put it back on the platter to serve. Cakes don't usually survive the fall.
You may like to take a look at the cakes featured on my site done by a professional pastry chef. I didnt know you were one when I came on here to look around. Just a nice coincidence.
Good luck with your business.

Rachel said...

Ooh, that gunky stuff looks fun! You won a prize in my birthday draw! If you could email me your address I'll get it sent off to you.
Rachel x

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Lori - Amazingly, I caught that cake before it hit the floor, and only a few flowers broke and some edges smudged. I managed to get it fixed in time because I (luckily!) had a few spare flowers! Thank goodness for being prepared!

Rachel - Email sent! :)