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Friday, April 10, 2009

Resolution Check In

So I know it's now April and we are all busy eating crappy quality Easter eggs and too much cream cheese on matza...but if you can cast your minds back to January, a whole bunch of us made some totally achievable New Year's Resolutions. I thought it was high time we check in and see how many of us have stuck to our guns. Since I'm the brave one, I thought I'd step up to the mic and be the first to report on my resolutions, both successes and failures:

  1. Never agree to making another pig cake. Or really any barnyard animal.: EPIC FAIL. Last week I had a request for a birthday cake from a lady who was "desperate" (and aren't they all?) because she was going to make her daughter's cake... "even though I'm not a cake baking type person, so I don't know WHAT I was thinking." She then of course chickened out (ha! farm reference!) and called me. As soon as she said the party was being held at a farm, I knew what was coming. I am ashamed to admit that I DID in fact make her a pig, but it was a) different to that other sorry excuse for a pig and b) I threw enough pink glitter on it so as to make it entirely emzee-like and not at all Drama Queen like. I still thought it looked naff, though.
  2. Order my own birthday cake. - My birthday is in December. Stay tuned.
  3. Bake some cupcakes. - I think it's fair to say I have achieved this, since from January to now I estimate I have baked and decorated somewhere in excess of 3,000 cupcakes.
  4. Decorate some cakes. - I think it's fair to say I've achieved this one, too...and I even posted photographic evidence to prove it.
  5. Continue to celebrate ice cream o'clock without a skerrick of guilt, but possibly try something other than cookies and cream once in a while - well, tonight I found myself eating (gasp!) vanilla, and some weeks ago I ventured into choc mint (ugh, yuck, and gross!). Current frontrunner for ice cream o'clock favourite is Sara Lee Moconna Cappuccino Indulgence. Oh my goodness gracious, that stuff is orgasmically good.
...and as for the rest of you....

Sheri - How is your gym avoidance going? You're not getting any excercise I hope!
Kristin - Have you bought impractical shoes? More than one pair?
Dani - Have you left plenty of crumbs for the ant population to feast on?
mrd - Is the cleaning lady still coming?
Carol Anne - Have you been through the drive thru to escape cooking dinner?
Mary Ellen - Does the local Chinese take out know you by name yet?
Kim - Have you been using your Blockbuster card so much it's melted?
Robyn - I know from facebooking you've been keeping ALL your resolutions. :)

Go on, I'm dying to know! (and in exchange, I'll scare up a pic of the second horribly awful pig cake. You know, pigs should just NOT be made into cake. You would think I'd learned my lesson by now.)


Kristin said...

Hi Michelle! I'm sad to admit that I have not yet bought a pair of shoes, impractical or otherwise. However I am currently visiting my parents who live a stone's throw from three outlet centers, so I sense a new pair will join my shoe family soon. I am proud to report however that just this past weekend the exercise machine found a new home in the basement, where it can collect cobwebs in addition to dust. Yeah me! (Actually yeah DH, my dad and my brother, since they're the ones who moved the beast down two flights of stairs, which is the most exercise that machine has provided in years.)

emzeegee & the hungry three said...


Bwahahaha I love it! Around here the exercise bike is a great hanger for clothes which are waiting to be ironed. :) I look forward to hearing about the shoes!


Dani said...

Doh, just saw this. In fact, I just reported to my husband today that the ants had returned for the season. I continue to pay bills late, I still haven't caught up with the laundry, and my office is as much a fire hazard as ever. So there. I feel oddly accomplished. Thanks, M!