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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Love You, Summertime

As chronicled many times in this blog, I love love love love love the Australian summer. I love that it's an actual season rather than just a slightly warmer mush of all the other ones (although Melbourne weather is famous for being temperamental that way...). I love that daylight savings means we can stay up really late and yet it doesn't feel late at all. I love that I get to sleep with a fan on, blowing cool air across my face and making that lovey zhuzh-zhuzh noise. I love not needing an excuse to eat icy poles for breakfast, not having to wear shoes, and feeling as though everything will be okay as long as the sun is shining. In short, I adore summertime...and summertime in Australia in particular has a certain glow to it. The air has a certain smell, the light has a particular colour. Everything about the Australian summer just radiates good intention.

We live quite close to a public pool, and I even love hearing the noise made by all the happy families, seeing all the cars parked in crazy ways just to try and snatch even a tiniest corner of shade. I even like the kinda gross things about summer - the smell of wet bathing suits, the crunch of that little bit of sand left in the bottom of the beach bag, the way you hair sticks to the sunscreen on your face, the necessary purchase of more sand shovels because we never seem to hang onto them from year to year. I grew up in Los Angeles, where summer was punctuated with long days at camp, and days so hot all you really wanted to do was dash from one air conditioned house to another. I even loved summer in LA...but not nearly as much as summer here in Australia. Summer here is just... remarkable in so many ways.

One of the best parts of this country is how seriously people take holiday and vacation time. Not seriously as in, "We'd best go and visit those 45 museums before they close," but serious as in, "You've gotta spend a few days at the beach, and eat fish and chips, and walk around in thongs even when your feet are already sunburned." There are so many Australian summer rituals which I just adore, and even more I adore that there is no such thing here as summer day camp. Of course, being a parent, there are times when I wish I could kick the kids out the door every morning and send them off to another day being someone else's problems to entertain...but I'm glad there is no American style summer camp because I love being able to grant my kids as many pyjama days as they want, let them eat at odd hours, and on a whim drive down to the water for a kick in the receding waves. I love that I can come home from work, grab a packet of sausages and some bread, and a cold watermelon...and spend the rest of my late afternoon and evening lounging by the pool.

Oh, Aussie summer, I just love you. Please stay for just a wee bit longer this time, won't you?


adele said...

Ah-ha! I admit, I was curious as to why you seem entirely Australian, but sometimes display an understanding of American culture that you couldn't have gained from watching American TV. :)

I grew up in Sydney, so this post definitely resonates with me. I'm in Beijing at the moment, where it is below zero and decidedly unpleasant. It would be lovely to be somewhere right now where I could eat an ice-block without feeling like one!

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

Hi Adele,

Yes I'm living somewhere on the Victorian/Californian border. :) I grew up in Los Angeles but came to Australia to do a one year study abroad program when I was 20 years old. My holiday fling is now the character known in this blog as "DH." :) We married shortly after we met and I emigrated to Australia (and he is a true blue Aussie.)

I've got friends in Shanghai at the moment posting snow pictures on facebook, so I can only imagine how cold it is up there in the Northern Hemisphere!

Stay warm (or come and visit!)


Claire - Matching Pegs said...
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