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Monday, December 18, 2006

Bored in Melbourne

Okay, summer is here and emzee is getting bored. In the comments, I want you to give me something to do this summer. So, pick one or all of these and:

1. Name a book you think I should read. No historical novels, bodice-rippers or hard core sci-fi, thanks. All other genres are fair game.

2. Name a blog you think I should start reading. My regulars are still witty but some of them are getting like day-old bread. Still edible, but fresh is best.

3. Name a food you think I should cook or bake. Either include the recipe or just tell me about it and I'll figure it out. I promise that if you do this one, I will not only make/review the item in question, but I'll take a pic of it and post it here. Some little birdies listened when I loudly announced "I WANT A NEW DIGITAL CAMERA FOR MY BIRTHDAY" so after Dec 25 I'll be posting loads more pics here. Give me something to photograph, would ya?

Okay, I'm leaving this blog challenge up here as the top post for a little while. Go on, people, get me outta my boredom funk (because when I am bored, I eat, and I'd rather not eat any more than I already do!)

...and only 7 more shopping days left! :)


Cameron said...

Books: I could talk all day about recommending books. If you're in the mood for something kinda geeky, how about the Baroque Cycle trilogy by Neal Stephenson: Quicksilver, The Confusing, and System of the World. It takes place in the enlightenment era. It's historical fiction that deals with the birth of modern math and science, the feud between Newton and Leibniz, and vagabonds and pirates. It'll also take you all summer to read the whole trilogy. On the lighter side, I've also really liked "Beneath a Marble Sky" by Dave Shors - it's a love story staged around the building of the Taj Majal. Ava recommends 'That's not my tractor, it's engine is too bumpy!', her current favorite.

Food: Perhaps I can suggest that you put your culinary genius to work on creating a good Mole Poblano sauce recipe. Chicken Mole is one of my favorite things to eat (hey, it's meat AND chocolate!) but most restaurants don't do a good job of it, and to do it 'right' from scratch generally takes a few days. Perhaps you can find a way to distill the yummy essence of this recipe in a way that can either be cooked in less than an hour, or in a slow-cooker throughout the day. Of course some of the more exotic ingredients are easy to find in Colorado but perhaps not so easy to find down under...It'll be a good challenge for you.

Blogs: Since yours is one of the few that I diligently read whenever it's updated...I don't really have any recommendations for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey...start reading my blog! I am going to bloglist you under my category parent and family-typeish blogs! I am in Melbourne too.

emzeegee & the hungry three said...


Okay the books you mention sound suspiciously history and intelligent-like. Hasn't anyone ever told you that summer reading is meant to be light and instantly forgettable? Then again, having thrown down the gauntlet, I'll have to search these books out at the library (including Ava's suggestion!). My suggestion to Ava is "Are We There Yet?" by Allison Lester. :) As for the mole, I've already asked a few chefs at work for tips, so stay tuned.

Em: Thanks for the mention and the link from your blog. I've started reading! :) (Yes, controlled crying sucks).