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Monday, December 18, 2006

A who me? Meme

I read this on someone else's blog and I'm in a typing mood, so suffer this meme.

(Some) Things I want to do before I die (in random order):

1. Career-wise, do something in the food/media/education arena - be that writing, television, teaching, food styling ...whatever. I'd like there to be another facet to my skill and love of food other than being in the kitchen.
2. Bungee jump in New Zealand. Seriously.
3. Meet Colette Peters and spend some time learning from her.
4. Compete in some sort of culinary competition
5. Run the Melbourne half marathon (planning on doing this in Sept 2007.)

Things I cannot do:

1. Stop eating at one cashew nut. Seriously, can ANYONE do that?
2. Spatial things - I often can't tell if one thing will fit into another, or fit several things into a small space, or 'eyeball' clothing sizes.
3. Play any sort of instrument at all, unless we are counting the tambourine, in which case I can't play that either.
4. Convince my sister to come and visit me in Australia

Things I can do:

1. Make all my children laugh, even when they don't want to.
2. Bake the best freakin' chocolate cake you ever ate. Seriously. Dense and chocolatey and gorgeous without being 'muddy.'
3. Use a piping bag filled with buttercream icing to pipe my kids' names on their outstretched index fingers, and have it be neat and readable.
4. Cross-stitch
5. Paint realistic theatre scenery - a skill I've not needed to use since I learned it.

Things I love about my Husband:

1. He seems blind to the fact that I am fat and tired and spotty at the moment - if anything, he just cuddles me more.
2. He reads my blog religiously, and he's quite proud of the fact that I write it in the first place.
3. He's got a cute butt.
4. He is currently growing the "Birthday Beard" - I think DH is soooo sexy with a goatee, but everyone else hates it. So for December/the summer, he grows one just for me. :)

Things I say most often:

1. Seriously? (or) Are you SER-ious?
2. No-fucking-way! (I don't use this one around the kiddo...or at least I try not to.)
3. Ummm, heeelllooooooo!
4. *SO* not, as in "SO not cool" "SO not nice" "SO not true"

For this one I'm tagging....well, anyone who wants to really. Heck, I stole it from someone else, feel free to steal it from me (but post a link here so I know you did it.)

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Charlotte said...

Would you like to share the recipe for the best freakin chocolate cake?