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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Birds and the Wees

Conversation in a car, and I have no idea how this started:

Child: So then a man takes his vessel, and it goes into the egg...
Child 2: and then the egg becomes a cell, and then the cell becomes a baby!

Mum: A what? A vessel? What?

Child: Yeah, you know, a VESSEL. The thing that sticks into THE EGG. You know, THE THING, Mummy. You *know* this. The vessel remember?

Mum: Um...vessel? Don't you mean the...

Child 2: Wait! Wait! Now I remember. It's not called a vessel. It's called a ...*thinks hard* ...A SQUIRM. YES! A SQUIRM! Da squirm goes into the egg, which then becomes the cell, which then becomes the baby!

Mum: (unable to speak, too busy trying not to laugh. It should be noted that the conversation about "da squirm and da egg" continued on for several minutes.)


Child 2: Dad, I don't understand why it's called a cell. Aren't those what you find on the beach? You know, a S-H-E-L-L. How does an egg become a (s)hell? What do (sh) cells have to do with babies?

*grin* Never a dull moment around here.

...I'm just taking a break from regularly scheduled programming to send a special HELLO OUT THERE to Jenny S. from Bairnsdale (the Gippsland region of Victoria). I recently found out she is a regular reader, and I just wanted to say THANKS JENNY! :)

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